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What you need to know

What support can I find on Hireup?

Find a range of support, from in-home personal care to support at work or in the community. The support you receive is entirely up to you and is most effective when you get creative. Think about what you want to achieve and the skills you want to develop, and how a worker can support you to do that. Are you looking for a social coach? Workplace mentor? Swimming teacher? Study buddy? Match with support workers who meet your needs and share your interests.

Help around the house

In-home care

Personal care

Support out & about

Therapy support


Education & employment

Specialist (high needs)

How do I get started?

To get started, build a Hireup profile and get verified by our team. This includes providing us with the contact details for someone who knows you well. A colleague, therapist or family friend. This is just so we have an additional contact on your account.

Your Hireup profile is your chance to tell the community about yourself and the kind of support you are looking for. It is your calling card and first impressions count so make sure your profile is well-written, shows off your personality and always kept up to date.

How do I hire my workers?

There are three ways to connect with Hireup support workers.

1. Post an ad on the Hireup job board
2. Search and message Hireup support workers in your area
3. Recruit someone from within your existing networks

When you have found the right fit for you, hire your worker by creating a booking with our simple online booking form. Choose when and where your booking will take place and finalise the details with your worker directly.

How do I manage my support team?

Once you've made a booking with a worker, they will appear on the support team list on your dashboard. From there, you can simply and quickly schedule, book and manage your day-to-day supports.

Managing your team is easy on Hireup and we're always here to help. This includes providing comprehensive insurance for any shift booked through our system and taking care of all payroll, tax and super payments so you don't have to.

How do I pay for my workers?

When a shift has been worked, Hireup will pay your support workers and issue you with an invoice. If you are self-managed, we will send the invoice to you directly; if you are plan-managed, we will send the invoice to your plan manager for payment; and if your funding is being managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency we will arrange to have your invoices paid through the online NDIS participant portal (currently available in NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. Other states coming soon). If you are unsure of the best payment method for your situation, please call us to discuss.

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How am I protected?

To ensure the ongoing safety of our community, we screen and verify all users before they join; request feedback on every shift booked through the platform; and offer round the clock support over the phone and via email. Our Community Support team is equipped with health and safety expertise and a swift and discreet incident response procedure. All Hireup users are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy and we have an active user removal policy.

Finding support on Hireup

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