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What is Hireup?

The online platform for people with disability to find, hire and manage support workers who fit their needs and share their interests.

How it works

It's about finding the right connection.

Good support work is about more than just the right credentials. Find someone you have something in common with and you’ll find support work that’s right for you.

How we can help

Everyone is different, and so are their support needs.
Here’s how we can help.

Help around the house

Cleaning, yard maintenance, and home-office duties.

Personal Care

Showering, toileting and mealtime assistance at home or in the community.

Education and Employment

Coaching to help you achieve your goals at school, college, or work.

Therapy Support

Support to plan, practice, and enjoy your therapy.

In-home Care

Help with morning and evening routines, medical prompts, and meal preparation.

Out & About

Support to get out, take a class, exercise, volunteer or go to gatherings.


Help to get your chores done or travel from A to B.

Specialist (high needs)

Specialist support for more complex, personal requirements.

A different model

We use a contractor-free model. All of our support workers are employed by Hireup meaning we’re committed to supporting them so they're able to commit to what they do.

Hi, I'm Grace

I’m an Occupational Therapy student who loves music and spending time outdoors.

Newcastle, NSW

Hi, I'm Jonathon

I’m a Bachelor of Biomedical Science student who is a quidditch player and gamer on the state DOTA 2 team.

Newcastle, NSW

Hi, I'm Toshi

I’m a support worker with over nine years’ experience who loves travelling and great food.

Sydney, NSW

Fair pricing

Hireup’s pricing is good for everyone. Our users pay less, our workers earn more and our rates come in under the NDIS.

  • Compatible with all forms of disability support funding including the NDIS
  • Only pay for the hours you book
  • Know how much a shift will cost before you book it

Read about our FY2018/19 rates table, industry-leading wages and how to pay for Hireup as an NDIS participant in our Fair Pricing Pack.

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  • "Companies like Hireup are expanding the way we work with people with disability."

  • "[Hireup is] a new [web] app looking to make [it] not just a business exchange but a meeting of kindred spirits."

  • "It is not just about aligning a person’s disability with a support worker but the best support worker for them and seeing the power that can give an individual’s life."